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 Introduction to information systems نال201    
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1SuperUser Account 2/10/20202.94 MBDownload
2SuperUser Account 2/10/20201.70 MBDownload
2_2SuperUser Account 2/10/20201.77 MBDownload
3SuperUser Account 2/10/2020585.00 KBDownload
4SuperUser Account 2/10/20202.60 MBDownload
5SuperUser Account 2/10/20201.95 MBDownload
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8SuperUser Account 2/10/20201.56 MBDownload
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 كليات الشرق    
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توصيف تحليل وتصميم النظم دار 568SuperUser Account 1/26/2020UnknownDownload
المهام خلال الفصلSuperUser Account 1/29/2020UnknownDownload
نظرة عامة عن تحليل وتصميم نظم المعلوماتSuperUser Account 1/29/2020UnknownDownload
كتاب الجزء 2_تحليل وتصميم الأنظمةSuperUser Account 1/26/2020UnknownDownload
المادة كاملةSuperUser Account 1/26/20204.25 MBDownload
استبانة الدكتوراهSuperUser Account 1/29/2020UnknownDownload
English SyllabusSuperUser Account 1/29/2020213.50 KBDownload
الكتاب الاساسي بالعربيSuperUser Account 1/29/2020UnknownDownload
الغلافSuperUser Account 1/29/2020UnknownDownload

I teach a variety of courses, both undergraduate to graduate level. Below are some of the courses I have taugh while at Imam University. For the each courses, you can click on the course name for a description.

 Graduation Project-1    
Project OutlineSuperUser Account34.00 KBDownload
Sample of Graduation ProjectSuperUser AccountUnknownDownload
Guidence In Graduation ProjectSuperUser AccountUnknownDownload
Project Documentation SuperUser Account357.76 KBDownload
 E-Business Strategy, Architecture and Design    
 TitleSize Description
Syllabus44.64 KBDownload 
Chapter-11.74 MBDownloadOverview of Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business
Chapter-23.62 MBDownloadE-Marketplaces: Mechanisms, Tools, and Impacts of E-commerce
Chapter-33.24 MBDownloadRetailing in Electronic Commerce: Products and Services
Chapter-43.34 MBDownloadConsumer Behaviour, Internet Marketing, and Advertising
Assignment - 171.50 KBDownloadHW
Project277.64 KBDownloadTerm Project
 Management Information System Course    
Management Information Systems SyllabusDr.saleh Account59.00 KBDownload
Chapter-1Dr.saleh AccountUnknownDownload
Chapter-2Dr.saleh AccountUnknownDownload
Chapter-3Dr.saleh AccountUnknownDownload
Chapter-5Dr.saleh AccountUnknownDownload
Chapter-9Dr.saleh AccountUnknownDownload
Chapter-11Dr.saleh AccountUnknownDownload
Chapter-12Dr.saleh AccountUnknownDownload
Chapter-14Dr.saleh AccountUnknownDownload
Chapter-15Dr.saleh AccountUnknownDownload
Assignment (Chapter 1)Dr.saleh Account86.50 KBDownload
Assignment (Chapter 2)Dr.saleh Account81.00 KBDownload
Assignment (Chapter 3)Dr.saleh Account86.00 KBDownload
Assignment (Chapter 5)Dr.saleh Account86.00 KBDownload
Assignment (Chapter 9)Dr.saleh Account85.50 KBDownload
Team project (Site visit) Dr.saleh Account77.00 KBDownload
Complementary (Redesigning the Organization)Dr.saleh Account625.50 KBDownload
Evaluation PolicyDr.saleh Account298.50 KBDownload
Mid term examDr.saleh Account592.50 KBDownload
 Information System    
Chapter 1     (Download
Chapter 3     (Download
Chapter 4     (
Chapter 5     (
Chapter 6     (
Chapter 8     (
Chapter 9     (
Chapter 10   (

Assignment-1 (Download) - 
Assignment-2 (Download) - 
Assignment-3 (Download) - 
Assignment-4 (Download) -
Assignment-4 (Download) - New 21/10/2013



 Graduation Project    
المرشد في مشاريع التخرجSuperUser Account UnknownDownload
Project OutlineSuperUser Account 29.00 KBDownload
Management Information SystemsDr.saleh Account 137.00 KBDownload
 System Analysis    
Assignment 6 ERPDr.saleh Account35.00 KBDownload
Assignment 5 DFDDr.saleh Account25.00 KBDownload
Assignment 4 web siteDr.saleh Account61.00 KBDownload
Time table Dr.saleh Account128.50 KBDownload
Feasibility Study (New)SuperUser Account295.00 KBDownload
Assighnment no 1Dr.saleh Account27.50 KBDownload
Introduction to SA&DDr.saleh Account268.00 KBDownload
chapter 9 word(summery)Dr.saleh Account182.50 KBDownload
chapter 9 word(summery)Dr.saleh Account182.50 KBDownload
DFD for DR/ABu alsoudDr.saleh Account164.00 KBDownload
What are DFDsDr.saleh Account70.50 KBDownload
Process 1 Detailed DFDDr.saleh Account50.50 KBDownload
Overview level 0 DFDDr.saleh Account78.00 KBDownload
خريطة تدفق بيانات السياقDr.saleh Account56.00 KBDownload
Assi_5 DFDDr.saleh Account29.00 KBDownload
استبانة- مثال Dr.saleh AccountUnknownDownload
chapter 21Dr.saleh Account297.50 KBDownload
chapter 16Dr.saleh Account120.00 KBDownload
chapter 15Dr.saleh Account113.50 KBDownload
chapter 14Dr.saleh Account106.00 KBDownload
chapter 10Dr.saleh Account134.00 KBDownload
chapter 9 pptDr.saleh Account144.00 KBDownload
chapter 7Dr.saleh Account185.50 KBDownload
chapter 6Dr.saleh Account184.00 KBDownload
chapter no 5Dr.saleh Account472.00 KBDownload
Assinghement no 2 Team workDr.saleh Account31.00 KBDownload
syllabesDr.saleh Account33.50 KBDownload
Chapter 4SuperUser Account115.50 KBDownload
Chapter 3SuperUser Account148.00 KBDownload
Chapter 2SuperUser Account221.00 KBDownload
Chapter 1SuperUser Account159.50 KBDownload
Overview on ISSuperUser Account213.00 KBDownload
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